what to expect and what to bring

Opening hours

11am- 9pm (Monday-Sunday)


Online tickets with QR codes

We use a QR code system so either print out your ticket that you received by email and bring it with you or have your device ready with the email so we can take a scan of it.

Buy tickets at the wheel

Alternatively you can buy tickets at the wheel itself.

Tickets are on a first come first served basis.  Our advice is to prebook your ticket as we cannot guarantee how long you will have to wait get on the wheel.

How many Gondalas are available?

We currently have 23 regular gondalas and 1 VIP booth

(the VIP booth is only available when booking direct with us, please use the link below for more information)

Charge your phone or remember your camera

The views from the wheel are breathtaking so you will want to take pics, just make sure you are prepared.

Covid Cleaning

We have a very strict cleaning regime to keep everyone safe and protected from Covid.

We use Zoona cleaning products which are good for 30 days.

We also clean the wheel every 2 hours. After a deep clean each morning. 

Photo Courtesy of Cheten Sharma @cs_snapshot

Photo of the week

Photo Courtesy of Andrea-D'Angelo---@andreadangelo02

Photos show how great your pics are

Whether you are a professional photographer or a talented amateur wanting to show off your work, send us your pictures of the wheel together with your name and we’ll display your images for the world to see.

It's just too windy!

Sorry we are closed today due to the wind

Open again tomorrow

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